Frequently asked questions

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Q: Did you take all of the photographs on your website?
A: Believe it or not, this is a real question people ask, as if I’d have the audacity to steal other photographers images and post them on my website. Yes they are all taken except for maybe my profile picture. I take pride in my work, the only standards other than your own that I have to meet are my own. I am constantly striving to make awe inspiring images and images that make people want to do things, get them motivated, thinking or crying.


Q: How much do you charge?
A: Thats both a tough question and an easy one, only because I offer different types of photography and video production. If you would like to discuss my rates send me an email (I promise no spam) and I’ll get you the information that you’re looking for. In addition to that, I am priced where I am because its what I need to sustain life aka pay rent, taxes, car, health insurance, car insurance, tuition, bills, phone, internet (a big one) and many other things that I need to run a business and live a decent life. However if you’re project is special and you think that you don’t have enough budget to hire me, send me an email anyway or give me a call, I am always up for helping people, students, and non profits that deserve it, I wouldn’t be alive today without things like “The March of Dimes” (I was born at 4lb 10oz.), educated as well as I am without the CCS Foundation scholarship fun and living well without health insurance.  If you would like to talk about investing in your wedding day images, portrait session or headshot, give me a call or shoot me an email. I would love to talk to you, I promise I don’t bite.


Q: Who built your website?
A: I did, it’s my baby. I have a degree in webdesign and it’s taken me a while to build my website up to what it is today. If you see an area I can improve let me know here: Contact


Q: When can I expect to receive my photographs?

A: This is something that I like to turn around relatively quick, however it is dependent on the time of year and how busy my season is. Most headshots can be delivered within 2 days after select, and portraits are more around 2 weeks. For weddings I put the delivery date around 8 weeks depending on if you select an album or other products which can take longer to produce. Video Production is dependent on the complexity of the project, production, editing, graphics etc.


Q:When should we book you?
A: If I have your date open, then you should book me. Let me repeat that, if I have your date open and you like me AND you like my work then you should book me. I fill up my summer schedule, so if you find that I have your date open, it won’t be available for long. If you like my work and like talking with me don’t hesitate.


Q: How do we get prints?
A: For portraits such as senior portraits and family portraits, you can either buy prints from me or purchase the full resolution images so that you can print them yourself. For headshots, weddings and event coverage high resolution images are included for you to print where you like. I prefer to print locally at R&R Color in Spokane, we are lucky to have such a great Print Lab!


Q:Do you photograph Destination Weddings?
A: Is that a question? Hell yeah I do, travel and photography, and there’s going to be a party! I’d be crazy to say no! I have done projects so far regionally, Washington-Seattle, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, but I am always up for an Island wedding or national and international project, wedding or whatever!


Q: What kind of camera do you use?
A: I use my camera, is what I like to tell people, but I shoot Canon. For me the camera just felt better when I picked it up. In reality I can shoot with just about any camera system and I have. It’s not what you shoot with that is important, its the image you bring back. To expand on this for all of you gear junkies out there, I shoot with a Canon 1DX, 5D3, 2-C100’s, and various other cameras, lenses, lighting tools etc. On any given wedding day I probably have somewhere around $22,000 worth of gear, for headshots and portraits it somewhere around $13,000 and I need insurance for all of that. I take my work very seriously and I need the best of the best because I’m not taking any chances.


Q: How long have you been photographing weddings?
A: I have shot a lot of weddings, and I have shot a lot of weddings with other photographers, I have worked alongside some of the best in the industry so you can trust that I know what I am doing. I have been photographing weddings since 2007, and professionally since 2011.


Q: What else do you photograph?
A: I photography Weddings, Portraits and Headshots as my primaries, but I also take family photos, and I probably have photographed more events than most people my age which include running races, Hoopfest, IronMan CDA, Dirty Dash, Color Run, Glow Run, Cascade Relays, Spokane to Sandpoint, Spokane Riverrun. As well as corporate events for awards banquets and dinner for companies like Coeur d’Alene Casino, Fleet Reserve Association, Providence Health and Goodwill, you can read more about the companies I’ve done work for on my About Page.


Q: Have you done this before?
A: Yes, why yes I have. People often ask this question about events and special events like annual awards banquets, quinceaneras, meetings, or just off the wall projects.


Q: Do you shoot video as well?
A: I have worked on dozens and dozens of video projects, and I am skilled in both photography and videography. Video production and acting is one reason I got involved in videography. I grew up always wanting to be an actor, and I am able to be involved through the videos I work on. I have filmed music videos, documentaries, wedding films and some short films. Some projects allow me to do both photography and video at the same time, while others do not, each project is unique.


Q: What is your day job?
A: I get this one a lot, Photography is my day job, I do it full time and its how I like to make my living. When I picked photography as a career, I wanted to do something that I loved doing, because if I was going to do it for the rest of my life I might as well love it! Photography for me is kind of like a therapy and gets my adrenaline going at the same time. I really like the blend of technology, science and art that goes into what I do and allows me to make the images I create.


Q: How long will the session take?
A: Each photoshoot, whether it be a headshot, wedding or portrait is different. I can likely shoot longer than you can stand to be in front of the camera, remember I love my job so if you don’t ask me to stop, I won’t! Most headshots are around about an hour, portraits can take longer especially if outside and at multiple locations. Weddings vary based on the timeline of the day and the amount of free time you have in your schedules.


Q: Do you use a second photographer
A: I like to have an assistant on most all of my shoots to help move gear, prep lighting, and speed up the process. This allows me to focus on making epic photographs. For weddings a second photographer allows me to really dig in and get the great images out of the time I have with the bride or groom while they second photographer is getting other details of the day. The photographers I hire to be my seconds have met certain parameters, such as image quality, personality type, smile, respect, dress code and humor. Many of my seconds are world class photographers as well, so you can rest assured that the images they capture will be spectacular!


Q: Is there anything you can’t do?
A: I can do a lot, but yeah sure there are a few things I can’t do. I have a fear of heights, and I have a hard time photographing babies; I respect those photographers who are gifted with that super power. For those other skills that I don’t have I have made a resources page to help in your search.


Q: Do you have any nicknames?
A: I do, but I won’t be telling you them. Nicknames are learned and earned through bonding and relationships. Though I have been called the Macgyver of photography, I might accept that one. Names I don’t accept being called are BUD, PAL, BRO, DUDE, and Christopher which is what my mom calls me, and most people aren’t my mom. You can call me Chris. 🙂


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