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When I came out of high school I had no idea what I wanted to do, except that I wanted to do something that I enjoyed. So I signed up for what sounded interesting, graphic and web design at Spokane Falls Community College. After graduating with a degree in web design and getting a job in the local design arena, something just didn’t feel right. I quit my job, and started college yet again with some scholarship money to attend Spokane Falls Photography program. Through this program I was ultimately able to learn skills that have been critical to the images you see me post. Through this program I was able to meet some of my greatest inspirations and mentors which includes many area professionals as well as fellow students and instructors. In 2012 I had a lady ask me what I was going to school for, when I responded with Photography, she laughed in my face and said, “How do you expect to make money with that?” At the time I didn’t have a great response, so I just remained silent. I was working at Subway for roughly 5 years through school, and interned at J. Craig Sweat Photography. A couple months after my internship ended I was hired on as the studio assistant. This role has been crucial to the success of my business and the relationships I created through this studio are priceless, especially Charlie Schmidt’s (Keyboard Cat) I literally do not think I could sell it. In 2014 my income became dependent solely on photography and still images.

I have an answer for that lady. I expect to make a living at photography because I feel it is what I am supposed to do. I work hard at it, spend countless hours doing research to improve my craft and aspire to be the best. I stay up till 4 AM working on projects to get them delivered on time. I will achieve success with the love and support from family and friends, as well as clients and colleagues.

The day I quit my job to begin my new adventure, I was nervous, believe me, more than anyone, but I was also and I am still extremely excited. When I first began taking photographs, I never thought that I could support myself financially using just my camera, but through trial and error, success and failure I have learned that anything is possible.

I am currently earning my Bachelors in business from Eastern Washington University because I feel that my education will help me to better serve my clients and prepare me for what the future holds. I want to thank all of the models, test subjects, random people, and clients that I have photographed. I also would like to thank all of you for supporting me and my dreams. This proves that anything is possible if you put your mind and heart into it.


Chris Thompson

I am a drummer and at one time I was an avid runner on one of the most successful Cross Country teams in Washington State. Let me know if you’d like to meet up to chat or to eat because I love to do both.



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