Hi! My name is Chris, my mom calls me Christopher, others call me Magician, Maguiver and Mokey. My neice prefers to call me MOOOOOOHKE (MŌKE). You should just call me, but if you’d like to learn a little about me read on.

I grew up with 3 Brothers and a sister in a broken home, my parents divorced when I was young, but young enough to remember driving back and forth, this gives me a unique perspective on Marriage and relationships. BUT what makes this story even more dramatic is that after years of being separated my parents got back together and have been since 1999. My mom is now a psychologist and my dad basically runs a hospital, I still grew up wearing hang me downs.

I went to Lakeside High School where I earned 4 of the 5 student of the year awards the missing year I didn’t really want anyways. I played baseball from the time of birth and rode motorcycles and snowmobiles as well. I had a concussion in 3rd grade in an epic Flag football game. I was on one of the best Cross Country teams in the State and some might argue the Nation, it was a great experience. In the winter of 2007 my life nearly ended in an extremely frightening (to myself and family) sledding accident and I never really got my running times back down. From this experience I learned to stop sledding and only do the things that I really enjoy. I am also a drummer and videographer.

What you need to know
I kind of fell into photography. I never thought that I could make a living of it until the owner of Shabby Fabrics paid me for more than what I had charged her. This was my first lesson on the value of time. But the true inspiration behind my photography has to be my parents and my grandmother. My grandmother lost her life at the age of 65 just months after retiring from her Teachers Aide position of over 30 years (She was the first in Spokane). I try really hard to make my clients happy, I am here for you, if you have any questions at all give me a call. I try really hard to make my clients happy, I am here for you, if you have any questions at all give me a call, Yes you read that twice so hopefully you get my point. Talk soon!

I look forward to working with you and hope that I can help you with your photography needs.

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