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I am Chris Thompson and I am a Photographer and Videographer from Spokane, Washington. At Chris Thompson Photography we are dedicated to our craft. This is the essence of in-the-moment imagery, the art of capturing beauty that only exists when subject, light and time fuse together. Look through the galleries here and let each image stimulate your senses. capturing the essence of your moment and your spirit. if you are looking for a photographer who knows their stuff, then I am your guy.

My grandmother passed away at an early age, and I only have a few images with her. I constantly wish that I had more. She is one reason I became a photographer. I am here to preserve your memories with great photography.

I am a drummer and at one time I was an avid runner. I was Web developer and graphic designer, but I decided to focus on photography and videography and I am glad I did. Photography has opened many doors for me and I have been able to meet many incredible people and hear some inspirational stories. I really love what I do and get nervous and excited when I pick up my camera. Photography isn’t just my job, its my life.


Chris Thompson


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